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Hold on to your horses!! Let's get some priorities here.

There's a key part of the home buying process.We usually refer to it as your "Wants and Needs". What does this mean? Well, if you have 2 young children for example, you may want a 3 bedroom. But because 3 bedrooms are out of your price range in one neighborhood, we can only buy a 2 bedroom. So, what's more important,
a 3 bedroom house or location? Maybe the Neighborhood is the most important thing to you. Then maybe we need to squeeze those two kids into one bedroom.The term "You can't have your cake and eat it too" really shines through here. We're not trying to burst your bubble here. Just trying to find out what your priorities are. Once we know what your Needs are and those are met, then we can address your wants. So, you're going to have to make a lot of choices here. Best to know ahead of time what you're willing to sacrifice and what you can not. This will all depend on that one big question "How much do you qualify for?"


Give us a call or send us a email. We've got a really cool game that you guys can play. We'll send it to you for FREE.

It really helps to get your Wants and Needs down and will make the home buying process that more enjoyable.




  • Location is THE biggest factor in the pricing of homes. Once you find your neighborhood or city that you would like, we can do a search in your price range. Make sure you know what you're qualified for first. Give us a call.

  • Do you have a dog? Do you need a back yard? Do you have a nice car that you want to keep protected? Maybe you have guests over often and need that extra bedroom for them.

  • How old are the kids? Is this a starter house? Maybe when they get older you'll be able to upgrade to a bigger house? 

  • Maybe you're a "Gen X" type and just need a place to entertain. One big bedroom, massive kitchen and a pool might be all you want. Grass? Mybe, maybe not?? The decisions are yours.



We all have our different needs and wants. Let's get together to brainstorm

and see what that "perfect list" looks like. We can do a search and

take a look at what's out there and then get ready to place some bids!

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