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Candi & Taylor

Orange, CA

"You have been absolutely fantastically phenomenal... I can't begin to thank you enough. To say we are thrilled with the house is the understatement of the year. WE LOVE IT! Thank you a million times over!"

Greg & Karrigan

Moreno Valley, CA

"You are phenomenal.  Thanks for going to bat for us.  I definitely believe your letter was persuasive enough to get any reasonable businessman to agree with our deal.  We are already in escrow.  This is the farthest this property has gone since it has been on the market. It truly is a win-win."

Lorena & Edward

Los Angeles, CA

"On behalf of my husband Edward and myself we would like to thank you especially and of course your team which includes Monica. Thanks so much for the time and information, very helpful information, you provided.  When we first bought our small but, (full of love and happiness) home we ran into poor excuses of real estate agents.  Well, never again! You're stuck with us now for any questions or other important moves on our part, we will be dialing your number.  Once again thanks so much for all you do, you are a hard working, very dedicated person who is devoted to his strenghts.  You know how to use your intelligence and goes to show you don't settle for anything or anyone. But, once again a million thanks hope to have Monica and you over for karaoke someday you guys are great thanks!!!!"


Lakewood, CA

"You are so kind to explain step by step for me to understand.  Some people wouldn't.  I understand now.  Thank you so much!!"


Lakewood, CA

"Thank you, I truly appreciate your assistance in getting things taken care of for us."


Manhattan Beach, CA

"First I like to thank you for your help and the generosity.

As my brother in law had mentioned you as a good person and generous in heart and the most honest person, to me you have been an angel from heaven.

Maybe one day I will be able to repay you some how, but thank you so much."



Long Beach, CA

"There are no words to express how grateful I am that you are the mastermind behind this transaction."

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