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Are you Ready? Let's get Started!

It's a big BIG decision. But, more than likely, it's the right decision. First things First. Give us a call!
There are so many aspects to buying a house. If you don't have someone who can explain the process to you from A to Z (that's us!) You will get confused, lost and you may not find your way home. (Insert sad face here) There's the prequalification process, acquiring all the supporting documentation, finding a Realtor who is good (we can help you with that one too) knowing the current market, inspections, appraisals... (what's a section II Termite??) 

 We will 100% take care of you and you will feel confident through the entire process. All we ask of you is to be honest with us and open minded. There's a lot of info out there that is contradictory. Be very careful. We've got over 20 years in the industry. We use to use books (Yes, Real Paper Books) to find the local listings when we started. There was no MLS! No Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor or anything.COM! We now have the technology to take you places you've never been, at speeds you've never traveled. To use one of my favorite quotes:
"Come on everybody... HERE WE GOOOO... !!! " - Peter Pan


First Steps:

  • Give us a call or email us. We will send you a list of items needed along with a credit authorization. We will look at your credit scores (We can send you a copy of them as well) we will review it with you to make sure it's accurate.

  • Let us know your "Wants and Needs" How many Bedrooms and Bathrooms, yard, garage and neighborhood needs.

  • Once we get started and pre-approved for the loan, you have to be 100% committed!! I know it's scary but I tell people this: Next time you're driving down a road or the freeway, take a look at ALL of those homes out there. Every single one of those people went through the same thing you are and THEY are now homeowners. You can and WILL be one too.

  • Develope that relationship with your lender and agent. They are there to help you in any way possible. We only have Full Time experienced people on our side. This way, you will feel totally confident through the entire process. 


We will help you find your dream home. Are you Ready?

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...Or, You Can Call Us!

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